Thursday, October 14, 2004


Has anyone considered the possibility that the "surviving" castaways were actually resurrected?

Lots of folks have suggested that everyone died in the plane crash and that the survivors are in purgatory. I think they're partly right--everyone did die but a select few have been brought back to life somehow for some as yet unkown purpose.

Think about it. It explains Locke's miraculous recovery from paralysis. It also explains why there are so many survivors of a plane crash that, by the look of the wreckage, should have killed everyone. It gives added significance to Jack's statement that they all died three days ago. It also plays into the new testament symbolism of 40 days that's been noted by the writers themselves.

There are at least two problems I see with this theory. First, why were they resurrected? I don't honestly know. My best guess is that it's some kind of alien experiment--primarily because aliens appear in Walt's comic book. Maybe all the survivors share some commonality that makes them valuable to the experiment. Or maybe these were simply the least damaged of the survivors. Note how they all have fairly superficial wounds.

All, of course, except for the Marshal, which brings me to the second problem. If Locke was cured of his paralysis, why wasn't the Marshalcured of his shrapnel wound? I confess I don't have a good answer beyond speculating that maybe the Marshal lacks some quality the other survivors share. I realize that's not very persuasive at this point, but who knows?