Friday, September 22, 2006

The Love Triangle

Remember when Jack and Kate got caught in a net? (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean?)

That scene reminds me of the myth of how Vulcan exposed Venus's affair with Mars by trapping the lovers in an unbreakable net. It occurs to me, moreover, that such love triangles are increasingly central to the show. Aside from Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, we've also seen Boone, Shannon, and Sayid, as well as hints of Jin, Sun, and her tutor just to name a few.

Forget about the Bermuda and Devil's Triangles -- I'd say the Island is at the center of a love triangle.

More specifically, I believe the show is building towards an Island backstory involving a similar love triangle between Karen DeGroot (Venus) her husband Gerald (Vulcan) and a Hanso (Mars). I further believe that MDG stands for Magnus DeGroot, who was a product of this extra-marital coupling. The remaining question is which Hanso did the dirty deed?

The obvious answer is Alvar, which would make Magnus the namesake of his grandfather. Sometimes, however, I wonder if the electromagnetic "ghost" of Magnus Hanso was the real daddy. As I've discussed on several threads (e.g., Human Stash and Extinction or Evolution?) ghostly possession could be causing the mysterious pregnancies on the show via parthenogenesis.

In fact, if you really want to follow me down the rabbit hole, consider the possibility that the triangle in question predates Dharma. Many, myself included, have wondered if Adam and Eve were the DeGroots. Perhaps they crashed on the Island by chance. Shortly after their arrival, Karen became pregnant and gave birth to a baby she named Magnus after his true father.

I like such a scenario because it raises some intriguing possibilities. For example, could the AH/MDG Incident have related somehow to a dispute over or revelation of Magnus's true lineage? What if the younger DeGroot is actually a reincarnation of Magnus Hanso? The latter scenario would certainly put a wild twist on speculations that Magnus DeGroot is Him...