Thursday, November 02, 2006

Juliet's Gambit

The obvious explanation for Juliet's cue cards is that it's a test by Ben, whose original plan to earn Jack's trust was frustrated. I don't disagree but think there's more going on than meets the eye. Ben may believe this new plan is his but I'm willing to bet the underlying idea was Juliet's.

Many have speculated there are different factions amongst the Others. My own belief is that the schism relates somehow to the treatment of the kids by Ben and Others like him. The irony is that Juliet's cue cards told the truth. Her faction finds Ben dangerous and believes he should be deposed.

This is Juliet's gambit to communicate both the schism's existence and Ben's dangerous nature to Jack. She wants Jack to refuse to operate, which will kill Ben just as well as the plot described in the cue cards -- a con within a con. Wouldn't that be just like Lost?

I once described Otherville as idyllic for adults. With the advent of Hydra, they seem more like a pit of snakes...


M The Alien said...

Could'nt agree more with the last sentence!

I'm still waiting to see how Hanso is going to tie into all of this. I know when Jack "kind of" mentioned it Juliet looked off and said "That was a long time ago." The Otherville others still claim to be the good guys and I guess I have to believe that, but what I would really like to know is who are the bad guys then? What "good" are the good guys actually doing? Lost is starting to look like a war to me, the Otherville others think they're right. I'm sure that the "other" others think that they're right too. We haven't gotten a statement from the "other" others yet, but I can't wait to hear it. I have alot more to say, but i'm swamped here, i'll try to get back to finish up in a little while.

bigmouth said...

M: There was speculation during the Lost Experience that Hanso might end up on the Island. But the conclusion of the on-line game established (or at least strongly implied) that Hanso has been imprisoned in Norway since 2002. It's still possible that he played some role getting everyone on Flight 815 but it's looking less likely that he'll show up on Craphole Island anytime soon.

One way they might still get Hanso on the show is if they start to develop storylines off the Island. The "challah" (i.e., Penny's phone call at the end of S2) was a step in this direction, as were Walt and Michael's apparent departure from the Island. I have this sneaking suspicion that Jack may join them following this run of epis, setting up a rescue scenario

I do hope they'll at least show Hanso in the Sri Lanka Orientation, though it's looking less likely that will happen, either. Too bad -- I think it raises some intriguing possibilities.