Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Comment on Comments....

Thanks to you all everybody for bearing with me while we experiment with a new comments system.  As promised, I'm creating a separate post for feedback.  I have to be honest, unless the opposition is vehement, I'm inclined to stick with the new system.  I love how it eliminates spam, allows for greater customization, and lets me reply directly to comments.  The native Blogger system seems positively crippled by comparison.

In addition to general feedback, I'd like to know your feelings on a few issues:

1) In what order would you prefer comments listed by default?  It's currently set to display the most recent comments at the top so you don't have to scroll to the end of the comments section to see them.  This was very tedious on Blogger when there are hundreds of comments on multiple pages.  (Note: I'm merely asking what the default should be.  You can always sort the comments how you want using the menu underneath the comment box.)

2) Would you prefer that comments be paginated?  Initially, I turned pagination off.  But I know hundreds of comments can take a long time to load with slower connections.  I've set it now so a new page starts every 100 comments.  Should the number of comments per page be higher?  Lower?

3) Is anyone still having trouble with log-in prompts every time they post?  Please note that you must supply a valid email address even if posting as a guest.

PS: Happy Super Bowl Sunday to you all everybody.  Go Saints!
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