Monday, March 08, 2010

What's in a Name?

Question for you all everybody.  What should we be calling the two realities depicted on the show?  I've been using the "LA X reality" and the "Season 1-5 reality" to distinguish them, but both names are frankly awkward.  "LA X" feels like it should have a hyphen, and "Season 1-5" is both cumbersome and a bit misleading because it implies that Season 6 is a separate reality. 

So what are the alternatives?  I'm not a fan of the obvious "Alt" reality because Team Darlton have been adamant that the flashes sideways are not to an alternate reality.  I suppose we could call it the "Sideways" reality, though the wine country connotations are overwhelming.  Another one I prefer is the "X" reality, which has a nice Marvel comics connection.  In a nod to Star Trek, there's also the "Mirror" universe.

Renaming the "Season 1-5" reality strikes me as even tougher.  We could refer to it as the "Island" reality, though that's a little misleading because we know the Island exists both universes.  Another possibility is the "Season 6" reality, though that, too, misleadingly implies a third separate reality.  I have to admit I'm stumped.  So what do you all everybody think?
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