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Thoughts on Comic-Con...(Spoilers)


The LOST panel at Comic-Con takes place this Saturday. I'll update this post with any videos, along with my analysis, when they're available. In the mean time, I wanted to share some quick thoughts about what I hope to see when Team Darlton take the stage one last time to turn our whackadoo wheel off its axis.

First, I'm confident we'll see characters like Shannon and Charlie who have died on the show. Rumors have taken wing that Lost is inking deals to bring back former cast members. Many take this as evidence of an impending reboot of the timeline. As I suggested in A Little Push, however, I think it's actually the reverse.

I believe Hurley and Co. will flash back to 2004, permitting the show to revisit some familiar post-crash scenes from their perspective. We may even see them actively effectuate some of these scenes -- e.g., Hurley will plant Charlie's guitar, Jack will leave the stones with Adam and Eve, etc. -- while dodging past versions of themselves.

Second, and more speculatively, I hope to see some reference to DHARMA or the Hanso Foundation. As I also suggested in A Little Push, I think the defining conflict of the show is Jacob's Tapestry vs. Valenzetti's Equation. If that's right, we should see some reference to Ann Arbor, MI or Copenhagen, Denmark.

On that note, has anyone seen the new Lost University website? It looks official -- could it be the start of a new ARG? That's it for the preview -- stay tuned for updates and analysis!


So much for the last LOST panel at Comic-Con. To be brutally frank, I expected more. Despite the not-so-subtle hints of an alternate or rebooted timeline, I'm more skeptical than ever of that possibility. In fact, Saturday felt to me like a big joke at the expense of the reset speculation, the way Dave poked fun at fans who think it's all a dream.

But the videos depicting an alternate timeline made one important point that I'll revisit shortly. Our Losties could have erased the future we've seen even if they actually didn't. Apparently, the general rules of "whatever happened, happened" and "course correction" don't apply to Hurley and Co. crashing on the Island as passengers of Oceanic 815.

Let's briefly review what we saw in the three videos. Each was an advertisement, the first for Oceanic airlines touting a Qantas-like record of no crashes in thirty years of service from 1979-2009. Obviously, since the world knows Oceanic 815 crashed in 2004, the video must reflect a reality in which the crash never occurred. (If you can't see the first clip, hit refresh on your browser.)

Similarly, the second video is a commercial for Mr. Cluck's in which Hurley describes his good luck since winning the lottery and how he brought his chicken recipe back from Australia. Oceanic 815 landing safely can't, of course, explain the change in Hurley's luck, but it's clear he never went to the Island in this timeline.

The third video advertises an episode of America's Most Wanted featuring Kate. It reveals that, in this alternate reality, she inadvertently killed an innocent man, instead of her stepfather Wayne. Here again, the change can't be traced to Oceanic 815 landing safely. Like Hurley, however, Kate never crashed on the Island in the reality depicted.

Three videos, all depicting a different reality from the one we've seen. Surely this must mean Juliet's detonation of the bomb reset the timeline, right? Not so fast. We all know the Comic-Con videos aren't canon. They don't actually show what's going to happen. There was no second Bunny 15, and Dr. Chang never tried to contact the future with Faraday's help.

These videos are a chance for the writers to introduce important concepts without worrying about continuity. The Orchid outtake raised the possibility of physical time travel. The Chang video introduced the general rule of whatever happened, happened. The latest commercials imply that the crash of Oceanic 815 is an exception to this rule.

But why even introduce the possibility of a reset if nothing has actually changed? It's because most viewers currently see only two possibilities -- either total reboot or strict whatever happened, happened. Taken together, the Comic-Con videos suggest a third way that transcends this opposition. The timeline we've seen is malleable and must actively be preserved.

I still think the most logical way to make this point -- and to bring back deceased characters like Charlie -- is to show Hurley, Jack, and Co. choosing to effectuate familiar post-crash scenes. Remember, the show must still pay off mysteries like Adam and Eve's stones and Charlie's guitar case. I can't see that happening if the timeline is totally reset.

A related scenario focuses on the role of the dead, or rather their ghosts. What is their purpose, and whom do they serve? Maybe they're guardian angels of a sort. I could see some poignant scenes like in Wings of Desire where Juliet watches over Sawyer, nudging him in the right direction, but unable to make contact. Are these angels the whispers? Sawyer's boar?

It's also possible that, instead of flashbacks or flash forwards, we'll periodically flash sideways to an alternate reality in which the Island never influenced our Losties' lives. What might their existence look like if they were never touched by Jacob? It's an intriguing question, albeit one that undercuts my belief that Jacob's intervention is necessary to save the world.

All of which is to say, don't fall for the head fake, fellow Sickies. I'm calling it now -- despite how things may look, there is no reset. The message of Comic-Con is that the timeline we've seen can change, even if it hasn't. Whatever happened, happened doesn't apply to events like the crash of Oceanic 815, which make up the threads of Jacob's Tapestry.

PS: Reading you all everybody's perceptive comments reminds me of one more speculation I meant to share. It's possible that detonation of the bomb creates a "tangent" timeline in which those touched by Jacob never went to the Island. The analogy is to Donnie Darko, where a paradox involving a jet engine yields an unstable tangent universe.


As in the film, resolution of this storyline may require destruction of the tangent timeline. If so, perhaps Jacob's chosen ones are like Donnie -- living receivers charged with correcting the paradox. We may even see the world end in this tangent timeline, offering vivid illustration of what happens if Jacob's chosen ones fail to answer his call to destiny.

As always, you're welcome to post anonymously, but please identify yourself somehow, so I can distinguish between anonymous posters. Thanks!


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lostmio said...

Greg, the quote reminds me of the quantum entanglement theory and Einstein's famously calling it "spooky action at a distance".
Both the theory and that description work for speculating about Lost,imo.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Glad everyone's up and running now, I didn't feel like posting again w/o other comments first. Read some notes in my commonplace book from last year and found these lines. "I see the world didn't end yesterday." "What makes you so sure?" I do not recall the circumstances in which I wrote that, but from the writing style, I was on the bus or el ttrain.

That really is good thinking that everyone in the area (the 77ers) were flashed away like Desmond. But...Desmond flashed back to what amounts to the first time he met Eloise. Does that mean anything in the way of significance? In the three days that took place since Ajira crashed (three or four, including events in 1977), E. could have persuaded Desmond to again go to the Island and I think he is the key to connecting the two groups. Somehow. I do believe that it will be about three episodes in before we get the real goods, but if S6 is anything like S5 started, it will be a great ride.

Capcom, thx for sticking w/ the dingbat name. Sorry to all you guys who like her, but if I had a time flash and found myself married to her, I'd get my hands on the first ball peen hammer I could and start whacking my forehead.

If dead characters are returning in S6, I wonder if Jack's redemption will be in his being saved by Locke in "White Rabbit" and actually believes that the Island is a miracle, as Locke said to him.Kate might choose not to cadge drowned Joanna's ID. If there is a flashes before your eyes bit, I think it has to happen in September of 2004. Would Sawyer try and find Juliet? Will they create still another tangent...or is whatever they do in 9/04 what NEEDS To be done to move the tangent universe back to the real one? (Like my JFK analogy, and the Donnie Darko film.) In S6, will we see a "present day" where Juliet is alive, and What Happened, Happened In Another Life, Brutha? In 04, the flash could just leave the guitar in the tree, w/o Hurley placing it there. I.e., everything that was on Ajira is flashed, as well. The Incident occurs in 1985/6 as it seems to say on the Blast Door Map and there explains a few things like the shifting photos and w/e else everyone has found. The whispers might be explained as souls on a 78 rpm instead of 33 1/3 RPM like the rest of the Island. (By the way, HAVE there been whispers since Michael heard them before the Kahana blew up? Why weren't there whispers in 1974 or 1954? Not enough dead people yet?)

Greg Tramel said...

still reading thru all the enlightening comments but just wanted to point out in case anybody missed it the 1st time around, Schrodinger's Cat is at Lost U

i really like lostmio's notion of Schrodinger's Lockes

we do have that pesky "4th" Locke on Earth if everybody still contends it is 2007 on Earth while it is 2007 on Island so maybe there are 2 "pairs" of Schrodinger's Lockes

Advanced Physics of Time Travel

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Greg, if there are two pair o' docs on the Island, I guess we have two pair o' Lockes. Ouch.

Greg Tramel said...


i NEEDED a good laugh for this Monday, it's crazy busy here

Capcom said...

Wayne, your thought about a vision of being married to Kate sounds like that new series Fast Forward. :-) And don't worry, she'd eventually blow you up if she was unhappy, haha. And you know that she's never happy for very long.

Remember Greg, it's not if *we* contend that the earth is in 2007, it's if TPTB say so. :o)

I hope that TPTB don't waste too much time in this last season setting up the final, uh, I don't want to say solution, uh...wrap-up, of the story. At least we got an extra hour tacked on recently.

Capcom said...

P.S. I thought that we only had the possiblity of three Lockes total (one pair of one alive and one dead on-island, and one alive [or dead after Ben kills him] off-island), where did the 4th one come from, did I forget something? Tx.


Greg Tramel said...

like Lostmio said, it depends on whast TPTB "tells" us but we had 3 Lockes on the island, dead Locke in a box along with Flocke telling Richard to tell Locke he has to die

Greg Tramel said...

woops! sorry, it was you Capcom instead of Lostmio saying "it's not if *we* contend that the earth is in 2007, it's if TPTB say so"

Capcom said...
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Capcom said...

Oh, OK, we're counting the time-skip Lockes on the island as multiple Lockes and not the same Locke moving. But then, Flocke doesn't really count as an iteration of the real Locke, does he? Cause he's really MIB? Ouch.

Don't forget, there's two Sun's also in this train of thought, one in 2007-island, and one in 2007-earth. And not to mention anyone who was born after 1977, who was in DI-ville then and on earth. Double-ouch.

Greg Tramel said...

Capcom, ur making my nose bleed, LOL

maybe we can just say there are multiples

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Agreed on multiples. Flocke is MIB. It was at this point he started the loophole. It then strung back to 1954 where Locke meets Richard for the first time and mentions Jacob. The loophole runs from 1954 to 2007.

Capcom, I don't think we need the producers to explain the time jump of Ajira. It could be a shocck for the viewers who don't think about such things. There has to be the live/dead Locke thing going, particularly if S.'s cat is mentioned at LU. Maybe that's a flaw in the loophole, like the broken ash, MIB did not expect that possibility. If the plane never time shifted, there would only be dead Locke and MIB Locke. I might be taking this too far, but there are three seasons that have ended (let's not count the scene with Juliet) with dead Locke in the box. So, 3 Lockes. MIB and the S. cat versions.

I don't think two Suns matter, seeing as how they explained that two Miles doesn't make them each explode. I am thinking at some point we will see 9/22/04 all over again or, more specific, those first few days after thee crash. Will something happen to make Claire not have Aaron, or have Ethan be successful in abducting her? Doubtful, but I still wonder just what the hell those two babies have to do with this whole thing. Gah.

Glad you liked the joke, Greg.

Greg Tramel said...

i think the alchemical marriage of Aaron and Ji Yeon is the key to reaching Omega Point but i don't have any "proof" other than what Big has theorized

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I think Bigmouth is dead on re: Omega Point, Greg, but how the hell are they going to get those two into the storyline in a smooth way? I hope we don't have a spin-off like Joey from FRIENDS.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Seriously, though. When I write my fiction. the ending is like putting a plane on a runway. If the producers and writers can do that (as opposed to S2 where they circled the airport), one or two episodes can explain it all. Either Richard or Jacob will explain things. Likely the latter, seeing as how Alpert has trouble remembering things.

Also, we need more Lapidus! Grow that beard back like Moses!

lostmio said...

Here's what I can't wrap my head around:
If Flocke is merely MiB in Locke's body, then why did he need Richard to lead him to Jacob?
MiB clearly knew where Jacob lives. In fact, Jacob told MiB "you'll know where to find me" (when you find your loophole).

After my first viewing of The Incident, I thought "well apparently Flocke's needing Richard was just a big ruse on his part, so that Richard wwouldn't catch on."
Yet after multiple rewatches, imo MiB seems genuinely surprised when they arrive at the foot.
Plus Flocke was for sure genuinely surprised to find that Ben had been coerced by Smokie Alex. So that negates Flocke being in cahoots with Smokie.

If you all are right and Flocke is 100% MiB and not a Schrodinger Locke - well it won't be the first or even the thousandth time I was wrong.

There are so many great things being tossed around on this thread. Props to everyone.

Capcom said...

I'm making my own nose bleed Greg! :-o

Wayne I meant if/when TPTB explain to us anything about whether or not there are multiples of people. Anyway, I suspect (fear?) that they won't even mention anything about that, they'll just leave it up to us to take that as far as we want to in our own heads. Boy, there will be so many things that we'll all be discussing or arguing about for so long after this stoopid show is over! I'm sure that multiples don't matter, it's just interesting to think about there being "too many" once they all began going somewhere else in time.

Wayne said:" Either Richard or Jacob will explain things." -- yes, I can imagine whomever gets the job of the gigantic exposition monologue, sucking in a big long hissing breath a-la Ace Ventura, and babbling out a huge speech explaining the history everything before their breath runs out! X-D And then Jack of course says his usual, "So you're telling me that..." right on cue.

Good points Lostmio. Ditto.

Greg Tramel said...

Wayne, i'm not sure Aaron & Ji Yeon need to come to the island (or even Des for that matter)

the island is just the mad scientist's lab (philosopher's stone, witch's cauldron, ...)

but the desired outcome is Omega Point on Earth

Greg Tramel said...

Lostmio, yes we've wondered about Flocke being seeming oblivious to where Jacob lives before and did not come up with anything other than he was playing along, i'll add that maybe it was important to play dumb to fool the Others that tagged along

this guy has some interesting ideas about MiB (Nemesis) being a 3 headed Cerebus wherein Richard and Flocke are 2 of the heads Richard answering the shadow of the statue question i would tend to think he is on team Jacob but hey it's plausiable

Lost Solution by MARK BERNARDI

Greg Tramel said...

to sorta clarify what i meant about Aaron & Ji Yeon is that i think their island "part" has already been accomplished, conceived on Earth and born on island, conceived on Island and born on Earth as Big said

lostmio said...

Greg, I've read the Lost Solution theory before - on the original site, not on Dark's.

It's beautifully written and makes some nice points but there are too many holes in the overall logic for me to take it seriously. It's been a long while since I read it; mainly I remember thinking that the character interaction among the supposed 'team members' in just about every S5 episode makes the entire theory implausible.
One thing I remember is thinking that Christian's "you can go now" comment to Michael doesn't square with the redemption aspect of the theory. A dark/nemesis Christian, as depicted in the theory, wouldn't have given Michael that blessing.

Also, I can't buy into just about every major and minor character being an "imitator".

I may have to set this thread as my browser home page, if we don't get some more good spoilers soon.

Greg Tramel said...

yes i agree it does have issues that don't jive with me, it's impossible to really develop a TOE( Theory of Everything) until we see how season 6 plays out, anyway some of his ideas are interesting so i added his blog to my feedreader to see what else he has to say

Greg Tramel said...

speaking of spoilers/cons, i'm sure this guy annoys the hell out of ALOT of Losties but he makes me laugh

this is a fairly elaborate hoax, or is it?

WORLD exlcloosive!! Season 6 PREMIERE script!!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

@Greg, I get it about the kids not needing to be on the Island. But it still begs the answer of how will they get them inside S6. I'd hate for the show to end with close-ups of Aaron and then Ji-Yeon. I'm getting the idea that the kids have a role, and there's Charlie and Zack and Emma, as well. I'm just trying to see how the producers can make a smooth entry/exit point.

@Capcom, I'm thinking more answers not speech-related, like in Richard's story. Also, I'd think we'd see an MIB story before Jacob again, I should amend that. Also, thx for that link to the dead survivors (sounds weird, that does). But I don't buy that Libby's last name was Smith, for the same reason that we never knew Karl's last name on the show. They had to attach a name, certainly. But the memorial isn't really canon, and, as I said, if all we get of Libby in S6 is a mention of her last name, that's cool by me. I'm actually hoping that Eloise fights with Widmore about what amounts to W. dating a younger woman.

@lostmio, you ask me, Jacob seems normal, but MIB and Alpert seem pretty addled by being ageless. MIB had to fool Jacob AND BEN (if he has Locke's memories, then he knows Locke couldn't kill his dad and let Sawyer do it). I get what you mean about MIB when they got to the statue, kinda sorta, but I think there's something to the plinth/cabin thing and who was staying where. Also, if, say Locke's memories are in MIB, maybe we are seeing a bit of Locke looking surprised or, if MIB has been imprisoned within that circle of ash for quite some time, maybe he was surprised because THE STATUE WAS GONE. Da da DUM.

I'll read the DarkUFO thing tomorrow since you directed me there (as I do with Greg's links), but I'm not really a DUFO guy. It's all brain food though, right. I'm sure you've seen it by look up Lost Mirror Moon on Blogger, Greg or Capcom might have the link, but you can Google those words in. Might be mirrormoon.blogspot, not sure. Best reading outside of this blog on the subject of LOST.

lostmio said...

[b]Wayne[/b] "if MIB has been imprisoned within that circle of ash for quite some time, maybe he was surprised because THE STATUE WAS GONE. Da da DUM."

Hey Wayne, the statue was gone way back when Jacob cooked the fish and MiB came out of the jungle. So where are you going with this, and why I am hopelessly confused and missing your point?
I concede I've gone off-track somewhere, please help me get back on.

Greg Tramel said...

not too be a stickler for details BUT the statue was complete when Jacob was cooking up his red herring and had his infamous conversation with MiB

Bigmouth said...

I can certainly see the Schrodinger's Cat allusion of Locke's dead body in the box. But him being alive and dead via time travel like Doc Ray strikes me as a little on the nose. I believe BOTH Locke and the Man in Black are living inside Locke's noggin. The analogy is to Professor Weston in Perelandra, the second book in CS Lewis's Space Trilogy. Weston is possessed by the devil, but his original identity manifests itself at points as well. Of particular relevance, Prof. Weston arrives on Venus in a box-shaped spaceship containing his body. Later, when the real Weston reinhabits his body, he describes hell as a place where you slowly lose your identity as the Devil absorbs and digests your soul. That description reminds me a LOT of Anubis feeding Smokey in the Temple relief.

Also, Capcom, Purgatory is a perfect religious metaphor for Schrodinger's Cat. Neither alive nor dead -- in limbo. If they weren't in Purgatory already, I predict they will be in Season 6.

Capcom said...

Right Big, and that's what I don't like, all the Purgatory-ers are gonna scream their I-Told-Ya-So from the rooftops if an S-Cat-Box solution looks even remotely like Purgatory! X-p

Speaking of CS Lewis, I keep forgetting the Narnia example too, i.e., Narnia exists "next to" to The World (via "you can get there from here"), but has its own separate time table. Why I'm bringing that up, I have no idea. Nothing more to add there. :-B

For quick reference to eliminate confusion, my Lost blog header has the long-shot pic of Jacob and MIB on the beach with the full statue after their talk. :-)

Greg Tramel said...

Mysteries video #2 seems a little silly

ABC Lost

Greg Tramel said...

a little more about the Omega Point here

Lost Decoded

Capcom said...

LOL, I saw it too, so ominous, oooh. :o). Since when do janitors dress like spies in black trench coats? Heheh. He looks like that Rorshach dude.

Too bad I didn't see anything like that when I went to UNLV!

This video is bringing back Rachel Blake's thing about how and why the DI scientists disappeared. Hmm. And those test Qs are the same as the ones we answered in the new DI tests last hiatus.

Oh well, it's not in the content that we will find the video mysteries, its in the "symbology" we'll find, as Dan Brown would put it. X-D

Capcom said...

P.S. I wonder what the clever people will find in that Rorshach test.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

@lostmio, like others have said, Tarawet was there in the finale. Awhile back I had mentioned here (I mean months ago), that the statue had only recently (between Black Rock times and now) broken away but for the foot and the plinth. There always seems to be talk of a volcanic eruption, and I speculated the rubble might not necessarily be visible and in fact might be the Ruins. So, I get where you meant it was the foot at the end, in 2007. But at least I get to bring up my thought that Tarawet was around until a century or so ago. Doubtful it was there in 1954, the US would have done more Re: the Jughead drop.

Big, I'm glad you mentioned Doc Ray. Mostly because I kept forgetting to, when we all started talking Donnie Darko. There are SO many befuddling scenes on LOST that (like the ARGs) offer a piece of the truth or of what we will see in the coming season. One reason why I think we will never see Libby again, it was never followed up between her death and the Michael Dawson episode.

Doc Ray had a neck wound and there would be ligature marks on Jeremy Benthem. That has to account for something because the marks would remain on the Locke Ilana found, just covered by make-up. This may figure in Ben blurting out that he strangled Locke. I hope so.

Big, if we do see purgatory, its the symmetry again. That was the big thing about S1 until the Hatch played into things. So what came BEFORE purgatory in S1? Before the crash we only had the flashbacks, so you got me.

But with the S. cat scenario, I hope they follow through on one Locke having strangulation marks and the MIB Locke just not knowing to copy them.

Greg Tramel said...

that's reminding me of my Locke vs Locke scenario i mentioned long ago, nothing new, i just think it is still on the table

the strangulation marks may be the only way to tell them apart

Thirty-Fiver said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thirty-Fiver said...

Hey Wayne, have you ever considered the statue falling when Locke turned the wheel? (sorry if this has been brought up in the past)

Miles made this comment after Locke had turned the wheel: "That one was different. It was... that was more like an earthquake."

I wonder if the quake was strong enough to break up the statue. I remember Damon once talking about how the Island moves and he said that it is always in a gradual state of motion, but when the wheel is turned the Island more or less 'jumps' to a new geographical location. I could see that putting a bit of a strain on man made structures.

And whether or not the earthquake caused the statue to fall, I think it's possible a lot of the rubble could have fallen forward into the ocean. Leaving most of the debris out of sight. Wouldn't it have been cool for Sawyer, Juliet and Kate to have looked out of one of the sub's windows and seen Tarawet's head laying on the bottom of the ocean floor?!

Capcom said...

Right, we most likely will get no more on Libby, TPTB have said that her story is closed as far as they are concerned. Oh well.

Heheh, didn't one of Clint Eastwood's western characters have a scar on his neck from a botched hanging?

Capcom said...

That would have been a great scene Thirtyfiver! :-D

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

@Thirty-Fiver, the idea of the volcano goes back to Olivia teaching the kids and the crater on Danielle's map. I think that's where Desmond killed Inman, as well.

Even though, as Capcom pointed out, the Others and MIB Locke approached the plinth AFTER going past the beach camp (instead of before), if I were a mapmaker, Tarawet, the Orchid, Jacob's well, the Ruins, the Temple. Out ward from the shore, but all close together. Someone might have mentioned when Locke turned the wheel, and it might have been repeated from elsewhere, that Sawyer, Juliet, Faraday and Miles snapped as far back as they could and then they were in the future, right? We still need to see who was shooting at them in the other outrigger, and that was 2007 because of the Ajira water bottle. Then 1954, 1988, then settling in 1974. All that twisting of time would be enough to make the statue crumble, some fragments falling backwards to form the Ruins. Your image is a cool one, but the way the Island moves, I'd like to think that part of the statue is now UNDERNEATH the Island, and the head might have been retrieved and is in the temple somewhere.

My point on Libby was, yeah, its done. Just tell us her last name is Widmore and be done with it. That's all they need to do. They tied up Nikki & Paulo in one episode. For everyone who was trying to figure out the Doc Ray thing, it was a set up for the Locke thing right now. So I'm saying I kinda knew we lost Libby by the beginning of S4, because there was no follow-up. I guess there will be fanfic about her. As there will with dingbat. *sigh*

Capcom said...

Your right Wayne, "Smith" does seem a little ambiguously fake. What's her real last name TPTB?! Why won't you tell us! Haha.

I know, the statue fell backwards inland onto a parthenon structure (thus the Greek column) and it's all one bunch of rubble together now. :o)

I really admire how you guys have kept up the thinking and research. I'm more burnt out on the show than I have ever been right now. And this is the last hiatus to have fun with, I should be tryiing harder! I guess that I'm just preoccupied mentally at the moment. Hopefully I'll snap out of it soon. Anyway keep up the great work, reading your thoughts and links is something that I look forward to every day! :-D

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, Capcom. True, I haven't been acknowledging everyone with a "You all, everybody" each time I sign on. Brain food isn't fish. A day without writing is a day written off...

Seriously, though, I'd blow Chicago and get to that Island if it really existed as fast as I could get there. I could be Nestor Carbonell's stunt double.

Capcom said...

At this point in my life, I'd go to the island in a millisecond too, Wayne! And maybe we could get healed of our maladies as a side benefit. :-)

Now that I think about it, any old deserted island would work for me right now, heheh.

Greg Tramel said...

when does the sub leave?

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Don't need a sub, Greg. I'm just going to find an outrigger and paddle in circles.

I was reading an article on yet another sign of the book industry dying, or being dead already. The person then followed on Dead Isn't Dead, Really. (I'm using my own words here, as there is no real link.) She gave several examples, one being that Latin is considered a dead language, but it is still being used. I think I put that in the corner of "will THIS be explained in S6?" I'm sure the whole Latin/Others thing WILL be explained, but if not, well looking at the answer being as simple as the one above, i.e., dead but not dead, well, works for me.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Really? I'm gone for 6 hrs and no new comments? You guys and your social lives...

Capcom said...

I guess the weather turned nice and everyone is outside. :-)

Greg Tramel said...

uh NOT here! 107 with heat index or whatever they call it

i can't decide if i like Decoded Lost's theory that Richard is MiB

Capcom said...

Ruh-roh, it didn't cool off down there yet?

So, MIB would be impersonating two people? And telling himself to look for himself? :-o

BTW, to wake us up a bit, there is something going on at the blog of that guy who presented the velvet painting to Damelton at CC. Don't know yet if it's to promote himself or not, but supposedly his site is on the same IP as LU, whatever that can mean.


Capcom said...

Although, I would accept that explanation as to why Richard sometimes seems totally clueless! That is, that sometimes it isn't Richard that they're speaking to, it's MIB.

Greg Tramel said...

yes i agree

having Richard(MiB) & Flocke(MiB)& Christian(MiB)seems a little far fetched in the various conversations among them we've seen

Greg Tramel said...

i think anyone that has been though as much of the island's "history" as Richard would be confused

Greg Tramel said...

capcom, anybody crack the anagram

"Ronie Midfew Arts"

Greg Tramel said...

ah somebody got it, i think

"Widmore Fine Arts"

Greg Tramel said...

and there's this URL

Capcom said...

Well what the heck is up with that overtly ambiguous site? Hmm.

My eyes keep wanting to read Ronie Mildew Arts, heheh.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I have enough links to look at and I'll bet a fair share of them are fakes, just very good fakes. Maybe put out there by the producers, but still fakes.

Capcom said...

That SpoilerTV forum link in my earlier post is weeding out some things concerning the velvet painting site. The source codes or whatever show ABC and all the official names so far. Now we're linked to the Widmore Fine Arts page with a cryptic clue.

Personally, I'm sittin' back for this one, and watching for a while. I don't have much interest in clue hunting myself, I'll do this one vicariously for a while.

lostmio said...

Bad timing on my part.
Right after pontificating about the statue being already destroyed in the Jacob/MiB scene, I decided to take a short break before Mr. Mio et al called an intervention about my obsession with this show during off-season

Thanks to all of you who pointed out I wuz wrong.
Bad form on my part. I had this visual in my head of Jacob and MiB on the beach, with just the foot in the background. So much for that.

I'll try to refrain from calling in for awhile. There's loads of good stuff here, I'll just listen and ponder for awhile.

Capcom said...

Hey Lostmio, you aren't the first one to "misremember" something! We've all done it tons of times with the details of this crazy show! Don't let that keep you away, please, if that's what you're saying. That's what we are all here for, to help each other keep all these things straight in our muddled heads, really. :-D

Greg Tramel said...

don't sweat it at ALL Lostmio, i ALWAYS remember things wrong, please come back sometime, we enjoy your insights

your husband can call my wife and commiserate about our Lost obsession, the other day she said she didn’t know what i was going do when Lost was over, i told her we will have Flash Forward then, hopefully we will still have Fringe for awhile as well and … and …

Greg Tramel said...

this new show looks right up our alley

Past Life

Tuesdays at 9:00pm on Fox

The Past Life team returns clients to their previous lives to solve the issues of the present

Capcom said...

Looks good! Are we coming to an new age of SciFi on TV?! :-D

beer said...

beware the beard

Greg Tramel said...

funny quote i just read about the Rosicrucians using "Shakespeare" to spread their messages

"would Francis Bacon and his colleages use Shakespeare as a beard"

neoloki said...

I didn't think Francis Bacon used a Beared since he was openly gay? OHHH?! wrong Francis Bacon. LOL

J.Wood hasn't updated his blog on Powell's (best bookstore in the world) for quite sometime. I am hoping his health sufficiently allows him to write about Lost in season 6.

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