Monday, April 30, 2007

D.O.C. Podcast...

The latest podcast is out, and it seems to support the Island of Lost Children, but to contradict my multiverse explanation for the Oceanic 815 wreckage mentioned by the Parachutist (who we also learned is named Naomi Dorritt). Here's a summary and link courtesy of Dark UFO's blog:
Thanks to Sick_Passenger for the extended highlights below.

- Jin IS the father of Sun's child.

- The sperm count of males on the island is 5 times greater.

- Sun is responsible for Jin's "mob-life" - It's a catch 22.

- The parachutist's name is Naomi Dorrit (sp?)

- The Losties are NOT in purgatory.

- Other possible explanations for Naomi's comment about 815 (1. She's lying, 2. Conspiracy theory)

- In the next episode she will delve further into what her mission is.

- Mikhail is alive (1. The fence was not turned up high enough to kill him, 2. He DID NOT come back from the dead)

The Brig:

- The Other's are on their way to "someplace".

- We will find out how Cooper got to the island.

- What happened between Locke seeing his father tied up and when he said good-bye to Kate.

- A lot of things will be answered.

- The flash on Hurley in Catch 22 was only a lens flair.

- Think pseudo-science and borderlands of the supernatural for explanations of LOST.

- They will be revisiting the psychic's predictions for Claire in the future as well as Walt's abilities.

- The Others' obsession with children & pregnancy goes beyond the inability to successfully bear children on the island.

- The Other's definitely have an interest in children with special abilities. That's why they took Walt.

- There are two factions of The Others & and are in no relation to the hatches/stations.

- They will be getting back to the statue before the show ends.


Nick said...

Just wanted to thank you for all the effort you put into making this excellent and well thought-out blog.


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Bigmouth said...

Nick: Thanks! I'd be doing this no matter what, but I won't lie that supportive comments like yours fuel my, passion.