Monday, January 28, 2008

Best. Mobisode. Ever.

If you haven't already, check out the most recent Missing Pieces installment and get ready to set your face to stunned. It's not quite how I'd hoped, though we've certainly discussed this possibility previously. I'm pretty sure, of course, it's not really him. Most of the mobisodes are really about Jacob -- a point I'll revisit in a subsequent post. For now, let us take a moment to rejoice in the Christian Resurrection!


Garry Shuck said...

Thanks for that link, and yes, that does call for "faces set to stun" but now I just want to read your post on how most of the mobisodes are about Jacob--I've enjoyed the tidbits as we wait (almost there!) for the new episodes, but they seem to mostly be throwaway scenes in the vein of DVD extras -- Jin throws a tantrum, Sun almost kissed Michael, Artz re-affirms his sad-sack nature and puts to rest the question of "whatever happened to those monsoons?"

Do elaborate, please!

Bigmouth said...

Garry: LOL! I don't want to overpromise, so let me clarify that my post will explain Ben's chess game, Jin's temper tantrum, and Juliet's envelope. But let me summarize briefly what I mean when I say these and other mobisodes are really about Jacob.

I think Jacob is a ghost and can't speak directly with his people. He needs Ben to translate for him like Sun sometimes does for Jin, whose tantrum on the golf course was a metaphor for Jacob's failure to communicate. In return, Jacob uses psychic powers, which are similar to Walt's, to perform various miracles on demand for Ben. The Island is a kind of training facility (see, e.g., Room 23) for special children like Walt who are somehow important to Jacob's plan.

But the chess game in King of the Castle is really between Ben and Jacob. Ben has secretly betrayed his leader, censoring Jacob's words and frustrating that plan. Ben also has been stringing Charles Widmore along as added leverage over Jacob. In retaliation, Jacob gave Ben cancer -- his x-rays were in Juliet's envelope. When she says to Amelia that we're in trouble, it's because Ben has either lost Jacob's favor, or was scamming them all along.