Monday, August 10, 2009

You Broke the Rose...(Minor Spoilers)

The new ARG (follow the clues at the LOST ARGs) apparently revolves around the exploits of comedian Paul Scheer, who presented Darlton with the velvet polar bear painting at Comic-Con. In his most recent video, Paul sneaks onto the lot at ABC studios. In the course of his wanderings, Paul finds several items of interest, including a script that reveals the title of the Season 6 premier may be "LA X" (sic).

But what really set my LOST sense tingling was Paul's discovery of a bright red rose, which I believe is a Dark Tower reference. In Stephen King's epic series, the Dark Tower serves as a kind of keystone for all realities in the multiverse. The Dark Tower exists in our reality as a single rose growing in an abandoned lot in Manhattan. If the rose is harmed, the Dark Tower will be as well, imperiling all creation. Note how Paul says "You broke the rose" after his cameraman damages the flower.

Darlton have said they're huge Dark Tower fans and are reportedly involved in the film adaptation of the series. Let's say detonation of the bomb creates a tangent timeline in which Oceanic 815 lands safely at LAX, rather than crashing on the Island. Could Paul's comment about breaking the rose be a hint that this apparent paradox threatens to destroy both the reality we've seen and its alternative?


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Big, I think "LA X" would be a great title for S6E1. I think that S5 may have alienated viewers who now just watch it for the characters, and if they can do "Some Like It Hoth," which even I didn't quite get, "LA X" is a great title. I'm saying that they've veered away from "Cabin Fever" and "Hearts & Minds."

I've not read DT since the original release of THE GUNSINGER by Stephen Grant's press. The main reason was that (around the time of THE DARK HALF) I was pretty much soured on King's overwriting every little thing. I know I'm wrong about DT, and I hope we'll see two or three Omnibus editions as with the ginormous copy of THE STAND that came out in 1990.

Does anyone out there remember First Comics, early 80s? They published about ten titles and in John Ostrander's GRIMJACK he eventually explained that there was a specific destination in his series (I can't recall the word, sorry), but each separate universe had a similar location. It was a clever idea to show that events in one reality could affect those in another; considering it was such a small comic company out of Evanston IL, they were a bit ahead of their time.

Well, that was a tangent in itself. I think that once the time traveling bunnies entered the picture, some viewers stopped trying to figure it out, leaving it to the bloggers on the ubernet to talk things through. As such, I have no reason not to think we now have two separate realities existing simultaneously on LOST as of right now. On that matter, I don't think the producers are still keeping the con going.

Thirty-Fiver said...

That's really interesting, Big. I haven't read the Dark Tower series yet, so I never would've put that together.

I'm guessing the rose is harmed at some point in the series? How is the tower (in our case the Island, right?) saved?

f/k/a NetProphet said...

Just posted a follow up in the last topic when I saw this.

Interesting to see all of the speculation from three simple letters "LA X". The intentional space makes me think it doesn't mean what a lot of people are expecting...

How about this:
As Isaac of Uluru noted, there are certain places of unusual energy throughout the planet. Per Eloise Hawking, the Lamp Post station in Los Angeles was built over a pocket of mysterious electromagnetic energy. Could blowing up the Swan site have had wolrdwide repercussions, causing a catastrophic chain reaction at the other unusual energy sites? So "LA X" - as in no more Los Angeles, TTFN... Doubtful.

Now just to stay true to myself, I'll throw in the "transactional interpretation" of time model I've been itching to mention.

It starts with the understanding that our present is constantly evolving as causes - from both the past and future - resolve into what we perceive as reality. For example, as Miles does his ghost busting bit for Mrs. Gardner, he may cause a backward change in her prospective esteem for her grandson (worthiness of a particular frame?)and/or financial outlook in selecting such frame (the $100 refund influencing how much she spent on the frame?). But such minor alterations in how we see the picture of present go unnoticed - unless observed from beyond the fourth wall, outside the picture frame, so to speak.

Douglas Adams (as was often the case) puts it best: "If the Universe came to an end every time there was some uncertainty about what had happened in it, it would never have got beyond the first picosecond. And many of course don't. It's like a human body, you see. A few cuts and bruises here and there don't hurt it. Not even major surgery if it's done properly. Paradoxes are just the scar tissue. Time and space heal themselves up around them and people simply remember a version of events which makes as much sense as they require it to make."

Note that while this fluid view of reality DOES allow for constant adjustments, such as changing picture frames, it does not permit causal conundrums like the classic grandfather paradox to persist. Consistency, in general, must be preserved. Interestingly enough, though, a "dead end" wave of reality could be spawned, with an existence limited to such time as when an absolute causal insconsistency arises. For example, jump in a time machine and go back and kill grandpa before he ever met grandma. An altered timeline might arise and play all the way out back to the point you are no longer around to jump in that time machine to begin with. Backwards waves then collapse and erase that aberrant history, and causation oscillates back and forth until a result consistent with your going back in time results. So try as you might, you'll never kill your grandfather before your parent was conceived; the rule of consistency will always make you miss your mark, or your gun will continually misfire (sound familiar?), etc.

One last apropos Doug Adams quote to squeeze in here:

"Anything that happens, happens. Anthing that, in happening, causes something else to happen, causes something else to happen. Anything that, in happening, causes itself to happen again, happens again. It doesn't necessarily do it in chronological order, though."

Synchromystic Librarian said...

ok, i'm gonna start sounding like a broken record (pun intended) but I couldn’t help thinking about the Rosicrucians again when i saw the rose

have we talked about the 108 year cycle before?

The 108 Year Cycle

Synchromystic Librarian said...

i'm with Capcom (BTW, i have not seen The Librarian but i just put it on hold) these ARGs are getting silly, LU seems interesting but it is sounding more and more like a feature of the blu-rays only

LOST University explained

yes BM they have mentioned Stephen King many many times as a major influence, i'll look into the rose symbolism in the Dark Tower

Synchromystic Librarian said...

the beard stuff et all is WAKY (and corny) BUT i just found this definition at the urban dictionary

BEARD: "One who engages in pedantic, pseudo-intellectual discussion of meaningless and often obscure pop culture that nobody actually cares about. Typically applies to nerdy topics such as video games, comic books, science fiction, and so forth. Refers to the luxurious fat-guy beards grown by internet shutins, a la the Simpsons Comic Book Guy."

Synchromystic Librarian said...

when i 1st saw the Mysteries videos i immediately assumed they were poking fun at us which is fine i'm game

and Paul Scheer as an obsessed Lost fan is kinda like our surrogate punching bag

Greg Tramel said...

f/k/a NetProphet, THANKS for mentioning your "transactional interpretation" of time model, that's what i wanted more of instead of the secret society angle

i think that is what i'm trying to say with WHH+CC negating should and could options

entropy keeps the arrow of time chugging along while causality moves both forward and backwards wiping out any should and/or could tangential timelines

f/k/a NetProphet said...

Greg Tramel:

Sorry - I can be quite obtuse at times. Glad I got back to it! Hate to stray too far from Bigmouth's main points, but I think the Transactional Interpretation does provide the best explanation for some of odd bits like the changing picture frame.


Greg Tramel said...

CC prevents free will from wrinkling the chaos driven WHH arrow of time

free will can changed the picture on the box but the box remains constant

what some may label order out of chaos

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

@Greg & NetProphet, I agree on the little things changing. Honestly, how can any individual keep track of a minor change. So Juliet put Petulia Clark in the Talking Heads CD case by mistake. Or not. How would even she think things were different? The more expensive picture frame is different, yet it would only be different to the grandmother. We just saw the two frames because of Miles. How long was it changed before the grandmother forgot? One of Douglas Adams' picoseconds? I think a few changes were clues, the squares being the boxes being the coffins and S. cat.

That guy with the rose, without watching the video, he just makes me think of all that Rachel Blake DJ Dan hoobajoo. Maybe the ARGs are silly because the producers don't want to give any clues out right away. Plus, last year didn't the new DI stop suddenly for Ajira to start up? Maybe all the silliness (if thats what it is) will stop like the DI thing and the serious stuff will begin closer to Jan '10.

NetProphet, I like your thought that X means No LA. Personally, I never had any thought other than it looking cool as a title. X could mean the Lamp Post or it could mean LA is where the series ends. Speaking of the LP, it sure the hell would be nice if Eloise told us who the smart fellow was who knew about the pocket of energy under the LP. Hmnn, maybe there's a pocket of energy in Tunisia.

Greg Tramel said...

guess i just expect the ARGS and ComicCon panels to match the caliber of the show's writing but i've been very disappointed with the level of intrigue/cleverness in both so far, maybe we will get some beef later like Wayne said

for a good visual example of what i think TPTB are implying with The Beard (syfy nerds,like us)watch the #1 fan on the Donnie Darko DVD

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Greg, I'm just thinking that they want everyone to forget about staying on track and then, bammo, we get something good about a week or two before S6.

Greg Tramel said...

this blog post pretty much sums up my feelings on season 6

Thoughts on Season Six

lostmio said...

Synchromystic, when I saw the rose, I first thought of the Rosicrucians too. I've believed since S1 that a Roscicrucian-type organization hovered in the background of the island. I've always thought Christian and Jack were members. I've never settled on who else might be, but I've had loads of fun speculating.
Also Jacob's 'lists' (whichever ones were truly his) and the 'candidate' remark about Frank might be secret society hints.

Widmore at first seemed a Charlemagne-type character, which pointed to the Carolingians, another mystery society, of sorts. I've never quite thought there are two opposing societies in Lost, tho, just that there are many hints of one. And the Mysteries of the Lost Universe films seem to point in that direction. (yes, I know they're talking about Dharma, but that's a red herring, imo).

Greg, the Thoughts On S6 blog makes some great points. I was confused at first by his use of "Others" because I've always thought the Others came about when some of the Dharmites joined Ben and Ethan in defecting to the 'hostiles'.

By Others, this blogger seems to mean Richard's group?
If Alpert is going to appear in 16 S6 seasons (as Carbonell says), that supports the blogger's theory that much of S6 will revolve around his and his group's flashbacks. I like that idea.

The weak point of his spec is that he seems to think jughead's detonation has no psuedo-quantum effect at all, that basically it was a dud.

I think there's room for both: a season presenting the island and crash story from another perspective, and also some wonky side-effect of the detonation.

lostmio said...

Forgot to say, my favorite take on the LA X thing is that the X is a cross.

La Rose-Croix is an order of the Rosicrucians.

Yeah, it's a stretch but it fits my longest favorite theory so it works for me.

Capcom said...

Haha, that definition of beard SO totally fits that Simpsons dude!

Sorry, that's as intellectual as I get today with a rainy day headache.

Greg Tramel said...


1 thing about all this ARG silliness that did make me laugh is somebody pointed out that Paul Scheer was wearing red shoes

Greg Tramel said...
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Greg Tramel said...

a big part of thinking Jughead was a dud is probably mainly wishful thinking on my part, i don't want to see Juliet die like that, now if it was Kate that would be a whole different story, right Wayne?

Capcom said...

Right, why didn't pushy Kate jump in the hole and save everyone! She's the one who never stays behind when she's told to, so she should have jumped down before Juliet got pulled in. :-p

I've sent out the Rosicrucian word to Ellen at TLC, because she has some knowledge of that from a previous life. Not literally a previous life, just figuratively. I'll let you all know if she responds and I'll tell her to stop by over here. She usually doesn't post much during the summer tho.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

The main theory about who funded the Georgia Guidestones are the Rosicrucians.

I read that blog, Greg. It does fit with the symmetry angle, i.e., in S1 before and after the crash of 815, the Hostiles were always around. What we saw were the Others in S2. I always think of Richard's group as the Hostiles, even thought that's somewhat ignorant, seeing as how they've been around longest.

The Oceanic survivors got the names from Danielle, but I forget how the tail-enders came up with the name (I know Jin said the name, but by that time, I believe, Ana-Lucia was already using that name.) It was Mikhail who used the name Hostiles, though, again, we see that word used in the 70s.

So, in S1, if we go in reverse order, as S4-6 are doing, the only story to tell before the crash is with the Others and the Hostiles. The plane crashed during Juliet's book club. But we need to see what Richard and his group were doing on that day.

Capcom said...

Perhaps we should be comparing some of the ancient inscriptions from Lost with the Guidestones? Especially since the Guidestones were in that Wired issue guest-editored by J.J.

Yes, what were the Hostiles doing on that day, good Q.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hope the headache went away, Capcom. Look for the Telstar scan on my blog later tonight.

I think you get what I'm saying, we have the back story on the Others and even on Desmond /Inman. What did Richard and his people see that day? Does Jacob or MIB figure into that?

Greg, Kate falling down a well? I wish. Hey, I got to talk to Michelle Rodriguez at the con here while I was signing my books. Ummmm, Kate who? What show were we discussing...?

Greg Tramel said...

just to clarify when i say The Others i mean The Hostiles as well, actually mainly The Hostiles, i'm not saying it is right but i lump them together

Greg Tramel said...

Wayne, COOL on meeting Michelle, was she promoting anything?, i doubt she will be back on Lost but i wouldn't mind it at all

Greg Tramel said...

Rosicrucians have been brought up before in the Lostverse

anybody know how J Wood is doing?

Lost In a Strange Land…

Greg Tramel said...

i do think we are FINALLY gonna get some Others/Hostiles back story and their perspectives on what we've seen so far

i hear what y'all are saying that they really weren't the Others until after purge or whenever so when i've said i REALLY WANT The Others backstories i suppose i actually mean The Hostiles

Capcom said...

Ohhh, now ya tell us! Heheh.

I haven't heard any news about Wood yet, but haven't searched around too much about it. I've mostly just seen blog commenters hoping that he is doing well, etc.

Exactly, about the Rosicrucian clues, that was when Ellen told us that she had previous first hand knowledge of that philosophy, etc. On her first Lost blog she began with a post about it and some similarities/links, but I don't think that all that info got transferred to her current Lost blog. I'll check to make sure.

Greg Tramel said...

Hey Wayne there is going to be a Lost meetup in Chicago

"we are going to gather at 7 pm on September 18th, 2009, in Chicago"

Announcing the first Zap2it meet-up for Lost fans

Capcom said...
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Capcom said...

Neat about Chicago!

Wayne, someone posted this on the SpoilerTV site for the painting ARG, and I thought that you might be interested:

"I think this is the "LA X" reference:

"Initially, the Earth X storyline was purported as being the future of Earth 616. However, the series often substantially retconned the origins and workings of characters to better suit the story, to the point where they were no longer reconcilable with their counterparts in the mainstream Marvel Universe. One example was the revelation in Paradise X that Wolverine is not a mutant at all, but instead one of the few remaining "pure strain humans", free from the genetic manipulations of the Celestials (as well as a descendent of Moon-Boy). Marvel editors solved these discrepancies by officially declaring that anything stated in Earth X would not be considered canonical. It was also later revealed in issue #11 of Paradise X that the events shown in the series are not set in an alternative future, but rather an alternative present (the issue reveals that Paradise X is set in 2003, the year of publication)."

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, Capcom, I know all about Earth X (kinda sorta, since I'm not a Marvel fan)because of my knowing the artist, Alex Ross. Personally, I think it's a stretch that Earth X = LA X, but you never know. (I think comic references alienate more of the older crowd then time travel does.) If I had to choose, I'd say X refers to the Lamp Post. Earth X had two sequels, one being Paradise X, but I still think that's not a connection. You'd be befuddled by the Marvel multiverse, as they have somewhere around 10,000 nonsequential universes. Earth-616 came about as by combining two key numbers in the Marvel timeline (i.e., since their acquisition of Timely Comics). Earth X is an example, just say it happens on another Earth, that's how they explain everything away. But if you say it has something to do with a painting, I'll look into it.

Greg, Rodriguez was there to sign autographs. Even at the writing cons, there will always be several media guests as well as the writers, artists, etc. Rhona Mitra (sp?) was there, as well.

The Georgia Guidestones (to an Age of Reason) main message was to learn to share as a society to "be not a cancer on the earth" and, disturbingly, keep the population of the world at half a million. How the Rosicrucians figure into it is that no one knows who funded the entire project. The only man who went to Elbert County, Georgia, as a go-between for the money transfers used the initials R.C. Christian, which could easily stand for Roman Catholic. Since LOST draws heavily on several religions and cultures, I think the R.'s are as good a guess as the Amerantheums (I know I'm mangling that word)or the Freemasons. There is no TRUE connection with the R.'s to the GGs; they are on a list where you see the odds on who is behind something. The most interesting thing about the GG is the fact that the pillars and capstones are written in nine different languages, including Greek, Hindi, Egyptian and Babylonian.

lostmio said...

Wayne, I had not heard of the Georgia Guidestones before your post, so I went to the Wired article and read up on them.

Like you, I found the use of various languages the most interesting feature.
I've often wondered about the several polyglots on Lost as well as the inscriptions of various origins.

After reading about the GG's, I'm thinking that the many Lost languages are one more aspect pointing to a secret society, especially one that might be trying to "protect" a world, whether the world in general or just the island.
The GG's made me realize that any such society would be sure that both its members and its artifacts represent a variety of languages, to ensure that 'survivors' could read the inscriptions and communicate with each other.

Not really related, but while digging around in that online issue of Wired, I came across this:
Keep this poster in your Time Machine

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

@lostmio, it was a happy coincidence to see the GG mentioned in WIRED, as I first read of them in the mid-90s. I'm have to write a story for an anthology dealing with the 2012 theories, and I'm changing the setting so that the guidestones are at the base of Illinois, near Cave-in-Rock. They are in an out of the way place--you can find them on Google Earth and see how "remote" they are--but it still amazes me how few people know about the GG and the story behind how they were built. Imagine a sandblaster from down south being told to etch Sanskrit.

Going back to Richard Alpert and the Island. Perhaps the idea is to imply that someone from the Black Rock times went back to England or the US to form a secret society based on whatever Richard's (or Jacob's)group had going. So many people want to think Alpert was on the BR, yet Ilana called him Ricardus. I can see how Nestor Carbonell is signed for the full season, seeing as how we need to see him in 2007, as well as in 1977, along with the story of the Hostiles, also considering that some episodes may not give him more than a few minutes screen time. The implication is that Widmore is not a descendant from the BRers as he needed to bid on Hanso's log. (Can Ellie be explained away? Were there female slaves on the ship to make babies, or were there women in the Hostiles in the 1800s?) I don't know, I just think his not being knowledgable on where the Island is currently is far-fetched, what is more believable is that he is being given misinformation. I'm hoping we get to see a bit more of Mittelos, too. Its hard to believe that the whole front was created simply to recruit Locke and Juliet.

Capcom said...

Be sure to tell us when that anthology is published Wayne, so we can buy it!

I'm very surprised that I didn't even know about the GGs, my dad and I always read books about paranormal things and mysterious places for fun, and listened to Art Bell later on.

Ellie is definitely a curious case. Like Widmore, she has aged, and has not been the same age like RA has all along, as far as we have seen.

I'm still hoping for some descendants being offspring of some of the various civilizations who happened to get trapped in the island's hold, and made a new life of the island, building all their diverse temples, statues, etc, as they had before in their home lands. Just a thought.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Richard's not aging is probably the main reason I don't buy that he is from the Black Rock days. I could see Widmore and Ellie being descendants of the BRers, but again, this is to say that Richard's group has both a male & a female to keep things going. As much I want an answer to what other cultures were present on the Island, I want MORE to know why some of Richard's group in 2007 are still wearing what they wore in the 70s and others are wearing more modern dress. Is Mittelos still actively recruiting, or were they up until 9/22/04?

Capcom said...

FYI, I saw The Time Traveler's Wife today, and I thought that it was very good. I admit that about a 1/2 hour into it my mind began to go, "But how...but what about...but how..." and then I just told myself to shut up and enjoy it, and that worked. Damn the paradoxes, full speed ahead! I might try using that mindset when Lost starts up again.


Capcom said...

P.S. There's a pretty sweet image of the Taweret statue prop at the Damelton And A Polar Bear blog too, check it out.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Capcom, not sure if they do it in the film, but the book version of TTTW opens each chapter with a date and location, but also with the characters' respective ages. When I read the book about a year ago, that part helped a lot. But usually, the only time I get angry with a book or a film is when they just plain screw up. A paradox is something, but some films have one big glaring mistake that leaves me angry for the rest of the film. Then again, SOME movies are nothing but big, glaring mistakes...

Off-topic/on-topic, Boom! Studios is on the 2nd issue of PK Dick's DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? Every line is taken straight from the novel, and only a few pages into #1 do you realize how far BLADERUNNER was from the book, though BR was still a decent film.

Capcom said...

TGIWeekend, Sickies.

Interesting info on both books, Wayne!

No, the TTTW film doesn't tell with title cards when it is (if I recall correctly), but it's often in the dialogue, so you can figure it out for the most part. Sometimes it gets a bit confusing "which" one of himself he is when he appears, but varying degrees of gray hair, or none, help with that also without the movie outright telling you, once you get into the flow. I guess that you could say that the movie is vague enough in its treatment of time travel (or glaring mistakes, heheh) that it doesn't matter too much. Like I said, it was pretty easy for me to just go with the flow and not question the logic too much. But it got dangerously close to making mis-steps when the doctor came onto the scene (i.e. when they actually began to explain his problem), and with the pregnancies. I really had to suspend disbelief for that part. But I'll stop now before I say too much for someone who doesn't know anything about the story, like I didn't. Overall I feel that the ambiance of the movie assisted in someone like me overlooking any discrepancies with the time travel issues that we are well aware of via our Lost research, that the average movie-goer would not even consider.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Capcom, I'd see BLADERUNNER as well as read the book DADOES? if you can. The film is dystopian, but the novel is just plain desperate. The character of Deckard (Harrison Ford in the film) is much more sympathetic in the book. Quite a few of PK Dick's writings are good jumping on points, VALIS was written near his death, and some his his most well-known novels were published in the 60s.

I ended up reading about the Bluff Point Ruins after checking Wikipedia for one of the goofiest things imanigable. Look them up on Wiki, but there is also

They are in the Finger Lakes region of New York state, there are ruins ten miles apart, pre-dating the American Indians, with Mayan and Incan influences, plus an imprint of Isis (!) and talk of Vikings having been in the region circa 785 AD.

On the blog they mention aborigines which made me think of Uluru. In between the Egyptians and the Black Rock, maybe there were aborigines on the Island.

Capcom said...

Vikings? I love Vikings! I'm disappointed that there are no Viking or Mayan-type references on Lost, but I guess they can't cover everything.

Thanks for the Bluff Point link!

Greg Tramel said...

i haven't really been keeping up much with the ARG stuff but i am curious what all this Junko Jusui biz has to do with Lost, if any

Junko Jusui webpage grab

looks like the Ronie Midfew stuff is just trying to sell art/prints but correct me if i'm wrong

LOST Viral: Lost-Inspired Art Announced, Tim Doyle’s Hurley Art Revealed

Greg Tramel said...

like i've said before i've really been trying to avoid all the 2012 & ancient astronaut hoopla BUT it seems like i can't stop bumping into everywhere i go so i guess i'll try to see what it's all about

apparently when they try to use the time travel machine to go into the future 2012 and beyond all they get is just white

sound familiar?

Greg Tramel said...
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Greg Tramel said...

Wayne here is Junko Junsui (JJ?) facebook page


Javier Grillo-Marxuach is a friend

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, Greg. Bumping into 2012 now is like bumping into 2000 in 1997, only on a much grander scale. I'm not just talking about Y2K and Jesus, I mean that I knew about the Mayan calendar back in the 70s. It reminds me now, in a way, of the countdown to 1984, because I had only read the Orwell novel a few years prior to that, in high school journalism.

Fade to white is a visual for entropy in more than a few books I've read over the years. I'm hoping that in 2012, the white turns into a huge ship bringing Elvis and all these impersonators back home.

As much as we've discussed it here and seen it discussed elsewhere, I'm still not certain what to expect. I'll lean one way one day, then something in my thinking on it will make me think a different way a few days later. I know I'll not get to "solve" something like this ever again, so there's a reason it is sticking in my head so much.

Greg Tramel said...

yeah, i've know about 2012 for a long time but up until now i've avoided it like the plague but these days it is getting much harder to ignore so i've succumbed and i'm reading my 1st book about it, i'll let yall know if anything seems Losted

Fractal Time

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Greg, the Junko Jusai is weird stuff. My sound is off, my speakers again, so I'm glad there were subtitles or text overlay. Whenever I talk about my belief in a higher power, I use my being crippled as an example, saying that it shows that the planet isn't filled with a bunch of Aryan Nazis. And then, for those who argue against science and stem cells, I'm like, dudes, how the HELL do you maybe not think that God (in whatever form) doesn't WANT us to start curing diseases like Parkinson's? The Moral Majority needs to shut up about being God's mouthpiece, but that's never going to happen.

The downside to thinking God wants us to show progress, is what I saw in the film, at least what I read in the text. The whole trippy In The Year 2525 stuff. I don't want to see mankind's "progress" mean making everyone so perfect that we become the equivalent of those Aryan Nazis.

That's a creepy thought about the Georgia Guidestones and its population cap of 500,000. Maybe the other 6 1/2 billion people aren't genetically perfect.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Greg, you have to figure that there are going to be 2012 books and films, more of the former, popping up every few months. Look at films like THE END OF DAYS at the tail end of the last century. I was probably the first one to bring up 2012 here, around the time of Big's Omega Point post, knowing full well that LOST was ending in 2010.

I velo-bound my Georgia Guidestones articles and to make it thicker, I printed out some pages on 2012. When you get right down to it, its just another date, like 12/31/99 or 1984. I wonder what the next big doomsday date will be. I'm sure someone will write a book that will fill us all in.

Capcom said...

Yeah, I'm pulling my attention away from the ARG as well for now, as it completely shifted gears over the weekend and looks like just a way to sell some Lost swag. "Drink your Ovaltine" Ralphie!

I never paid the 2012 thing much mind either, but now that it's getting close (and with a pretty interesting looking movie out soon) it's hard to ignore. I've read that 2012 is just as far as the Mayans projected for that period of epochs or whatever, and that had they survived they would have had a follow up calendar to continue on with time. Or, something like that. ???? And yes, what is up with that population limit of the GGs, how do they propose that we do that?!

The stemcell thing upsets me, when certain groups accuse other people of being against stemcell research across the board, when it is only an issue to them concerning embryonic cells only, and what that could entail. I know that you're not doing that Wayne, I'm picking out the extreme hyperbolers. But anyone who would be against use of stemcells completely is crazy, it's such an amazing application.

Don't know if I'll live long enough to see the next Doomsday scenario. I doubt that this woman can survive to 2525, heheh.